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Let It Ride Poker

Often called "let'em ride" or "let them ride", this game of poker is another of the more popular poker variations. The name of the game is based on the idea of letting your hand "ride" for the next card that the dealer draws, given you have a good 3-card hand. The payouts start with a pair of 10s or better; anything less than that isn't paid. So, if you are lucky enough to be deal two 10s (or a better pair), knowing that you will win regardless, you can let all of your bets "ride".

Let it Ride poker offers a relatively low house edge of 3.5% compared to as high as 5% in Caribbean poker. Keep in mind that part of playing any variation of poker is folding. You may go many rounds without a winning hand, but when you do get one, the payoff is a nice one.

Flow of the Game

  1. You are playing for the best poker hand possible and the dealer is not involved in the game.

  2. To being play, you place your chips on each of the three bets in the designated betting squares. These are labelled 1, 2, and $. As the game proceeds, you will have the option of removing two of the best based on the strength of your hand.

  3. Each player is dealt three cards face down and two cards are dealt in the center of the table, also face down.

  4. Each player now has the option to take back their number 1 bet or "let it ride" based on the 3 cards that they've been dealt. To let a bet ride, place your cards behind the number 1 bet; to take back a bet, the player has to scratch the felt to signal to the dealer to return the bet. You can't reach for the bet yourself.

  5. One of the common cards is unfolded and the players now have the same options as with bet number 1. At this point, you can have three, two or one bet(s) at stake depending on how many you have decided to "let ride". If you have taken back both bets, the only one at stake is the $ bet, which cannot be taken back.

  6. Typical "Caribbean Poker" Payouts
    Royal Flush1000 to 1
    Straight Flush200 to 1
    Four-of-a-Kind50 to 1
    Full House11 to 1
    Flush8 to 1
    Straight5 to 1
    Three-of-a-Kind3 to 1
    Two Pair2 to 1
    One Pair (10s or better)1 to 1
    The remaining common card is unfolded, completing each player's hand. Winning hands are paid off according to the payout table on the right. If you don't have a winning hand, and have let all of your bets "ride", you will have lost on all three bets. On the flip side, if you have a winner, you will be paid on each bet accordingly.

Let it Ride poker gives players a number of options throughout the game. Some can't handle the decision making very well, but that is what card games are all about. The idea of being able to take back bets or "let them ride" gives this poker variation that extra bit of thrill, which I certainly like to enjoy once in a while.